[8cm] Echeveria Pulidonis

[8cm] Echeveria Pulidonis

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Echeveria Pulidonis is best known to be a beautiful succulent. Echeveria pulidonis is a slow growing succulent with frosty blue spoon-shaped leaves outlined with rose-red margins.  As the plant matures you can expect it to reach around 12.5 cm (5″) in diameter. The plant is easy to propagate as it offsets freely making it an ideal plant for people who want a plant that they can propagate with ease. The leaves are pale blue-green with bright red edges. When it flowers you can expect it to produce yellow flowers.

Size of plant: 7cm

Size of pot: 8cm


Light conditions: Full to partial sun, however, excessive exposure

Water: Allow 90% of the soil to dry out between waterings

Frequency: Once every 2 weeks

Potting Media: Well-draining